For Creators

Monetize content without limits.

FanMe is an invite only social media enabling influencers, artists and more to monetize their exclusive content with better terms & zero risk of account termination.

No Censorship

Publish photos and videos without takedowns and unfair censorship


Upload locked content and offer a subscription to fans, with flexible payment options


Get personal and interact with your fans through a paywall

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Chat with fans and get paid

FanMe DM is the perfect tool for the creator who values their time. Send locked content to individuals or the masses, target high spenders through our filters and manage custom requests from fans.

Upload locked content

It’s time to get paid for your valuable content. As a creator you have the ability to upload Locked Posts, which can only be accessed through purchase by fans. Pretty cool, right? Simply upload a photo or video, set a price and watch your revenue grow!

Unlock it all

€20 / month

Subscription Active

Create a subscription

Become your own Netflix and offer a subscription. Customize the price and give fans the opportunity to unlock all the sweet locked content on your feed. Just sit back, relax and earn a monthly income - stars’ the limit!

Weekly payouts, in your local currency or crypto

Get that money with rocket speed! We have some of the fastest payouts in the game. Every week FanMe pays creators all over the world in their local currency or with crypto.

You keep


We have the lowest fees on the market

Whatever you earn, you’ll keep it all with FanMe. We don't charge a cent off your earnings on our platform. Yes, you heard us right, zero.

How much you could earn?

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Monthly subscription fee


You could earn approximately


Per month

And that’s without including revenue from DM’s, requests and referrals!